Dress No. 2

1.png3.png5.png2.png4.png6.png8.png10.png9.png7.pngAnother show, another dress.. My friend Julie is in another show. This time she will perform Sheila in a production of Hair. I make dresses for her to wear at the premiere parties. You can see the first dress I made for her here.

This dress is inspired by the time period in which the musical takes place, the 1960’s. I made the dress in corduroy and I embellished the shoulders to dress it up a bit. She can dress it down with ballerina flats, and dress up with heels, heavy lashes and lots of eyeliner. For this shoot I wanted a complete look with white socks and retro make-up. It was actually really fun to recreate the sixties make-up look.

We had so much fun running around The Old Town in Aarhus. The pictures are taken in the part of the town portraying 1974. This might actually be my favourite part of the town.


Rosa Bianca | Jannis Kounellis


This is a part of a school project I will hand in tomorrow. We had to design a small collection of tops inspired by a piece of art. The first picture is supposed to illustrate the universe I created to define my inspiration. We only had to sew one of the tops we had designed. Although the top was supposed to be grey, I am quite happy with the final product.
Right now I am just getting the last couple of things done before tomorrow, while drinking unhealthy amounts of tea in my pyjamas.