Do sun visors have the potential to become trendy?

sun visors.jpg

  1. Weekday Straw Visor || 2. Weekday Straw Visor || 3. Wimbledon Sourvenir Visor || 4. Adidas Climalite Visor

Let’s be honest.. sun visors are pratical, but also something I associate with socks in sandals..

When the sun is out in Denmark, I like to sit outside with a book and absorb as much radiation as possible. After a while it’s is just not comfortable any more. Sunglasses block out some of the sunshine going for my eyes, but never quite enough. Another thing is when the sunglasses starts slowly sliding down my nose when I begin to sweat.

You can wear a cap, but it is too hot and when you take it off your hair is sweaty..

What I am trying to say is: A sun visor is the perfect solution. What more can you wish for? Except maybe for a good looking one. I am feed up with uncomfortable outside reading and I am going to make this work.

Since my summer holiday has just begun, I have plenty of time for trying to convince people that sun visors look incredibly good on me!

These four visors are my favourites of what I have seen so far. Straw gives a more fancy look than the casual sports logo ones.


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