Sneaker Drama


Last Saturday I went to a sale at a newly opened sneakers store in Aarhus. After a quick look around I knew, it was impossible to leave without these Puma X Stampd sneakers (they are the softest shoes ever!).

It is now wednesday and I have worn them four days in a row. I was in the train home from school today, when I noticed a big yellow stain on the front of my gorgeous shoe. Not gonna lie.. I almost cried. I do not know where it came from, but I blame ALL dandelions!

When I got of the train I frantically ran around town trying to figure out how rescue my shoe (after an hour long google session on the train with no final solution). I ended up in the same shop where I bought the pair and asked for adviced. The guy recommended Jason Markk.


The stain is of and I am so relieved. Whether it was the soap that did or not, I do not know. Some kind of mild soap (read: cheaper) and any soft bistle brush might do the same job. Cleaning of sneakers is certainly a science and I have a lot to learn.

Below are a couple of pictures of a (now clean) pair of shoes.



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