Herb garden


Here are three of my beauty favourites right now. I’m really into herby scents right know so i thought i would share some of the things have enjoyed a lot lately.


1 | Anti-Flake Philip B| Probably the one of the three that has changed my life the most. It’s not very charming but i suffer from a very flake scalp. I had given up all hope before my hair dresser introduced med to this shampoo. I had tried everything there was, but this changed the game. I must say that this is definatley price for a shampoo but i works for me. Besides obviesly make my scalp less flake-free it smells so incredible good of sage and other stuff i can’t quite determin.

2 | Botanic Whisper & Other Stories | I realy change out my perfume and for year a have stuck to the same but half a year ago i fell over this  eau de toilette from stories. It has this super fresh and herby scent i my god, I love this. Is has orange blossom and coriander. Now i know that people has a love-hate relationship to koriander in food but as a scent it is definatly amazing and not saop-like at all. I never would have thought that i would find one of my favourite fragrances in a shop for clothes but  other stories are definatly doing something right!

3 | Salvia/Rósmarin/Lavendel L:A BRUKET | This is an organic hand and body wash with Sage, rosmary and lavender and I finally have one of these in my bathroom. It smells to lovely and the lavender should have a calming and relaxing effect. This is one of those products that lingers on your body for a while and i definatly don’t mind that.



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