First Look at H&M Beauty

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Yesterday I went to check out one of the new H&M Beauty departments, which launched this September. They were still in the middle of filling products on the shelves, so I didn’t get to see all of it yet. That said, I found some things I wanted to try out.

My first impression..

The new Beauty departments look so nice and I was really impressed by the packaging and the few products I have seen. Still I am not sure about the quality of these products.

They have a wide range of brushes and I couldn’t leave without four of them. I was really surprised of how nice and soft they were, and I can’t wait to try them.

I have never tried to use a sponge for make makeup application. When I saw this I felt like it was time to try one. Since I have never tried using a sponge, I cannot tell whether this is good or not.

When I went there yesterday, they had press on nails in four colours. They had french tips, gold, silver, matte black and striped. I love the size and shape of these. The designs are so awesome and just my style. I thought about buying one of each. The only thing I am not so impressed with, is the glue on these nails. My friend Julie tried them on and they fell of quite easily. At one point she looked down at her hand and one nail had just gone missing without her even noticing it. She stood up to see if it was stuck to her clothes and I saw it in her hair at the back of her head. I honestly laughed so hard! I will probably wash of the press-on-glue and use regular nail glue instead.


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