Sun, we had a deal!?

1 23

Top / Weekday  –  Jeans / H&M  –  Shoes / Adidas

Last Sunday I came home from being on the biggest adventure in my life (so far)! I spent 10 weeks in Asia, travelling to Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam and Japan. It has been an amazing adventure and I am sure that I will visit Asia some other time, but for now I have to get back to work. Hopefully I will get to go to school after summer!

In Asia I was sweating buckets but in Denmark I am cold everywhere. I am freezing all the time! Danish summer is like usual.. horrible. Hopefully it will get better soon! I want to flash my new tan before it fades! My friend told me, that she had made a deal with the sun.. It had to be out when I came home. The sun never keeps what it promises. Like always.

This is me looking foolish on my sofa before work. I am in my gazelles which I missed all of the ten weeks I was away! I am so happy to be back in those!


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