Feeling poorly

IMG_6532 When I woke up this morning I felt very nauseous. That actually happens for me quite often in the morning but it is often gone by 11 am. I went to work, but after half an hour there I realized that I just was not getting any better. After two hours I went home and straight to the couch. I feel a bit better now but still quite weak.

I thought I would share with you, what makes me feel a bit better. Because face it, we all have days like these once in a while. I like using this bit of free time I have got now on a bit of pampering. Right now I only have one face mask. It is the Origins Clear Improvement active charcoal mask. I really like this mask and I think a cleanses my skin very well.

I try to use a body lotion or something similar once in a while, but I often forget.Glazed Apple body butter from The body Shop is one of my favourites at the moment and it really works well for days like these. What I like about this one is the scent. It smells like apple candy, and it is kind of a fresh scent as well. This was one of their christmas scents so you might have a hard time finding one like it, but honestly they have lots of different ones that are just as good. I find that the body shop body butters are not really sinking that well into the skin and I often feel kind of greasy a long time after, but for days where I am going to lie under the duvet I do not mind. Another thing about the body butters is that the scent stays with you all day. I really like that, especially with this scent because it is almost aromatherapeutic.. if that is a word..

Other than that a good cup of tea is essential, some sort of snack (I have grapes and blueberries) and of couse a good movie or tv series.


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