Mundane life update #1



Just wanted to let you know what I am up to at the moment..

Since the last post I got accepted by the design school I wrote about here. I was very happy they accepted me, but decided to decline. I figured that I would rather travel around Asia for a couple of months. Not saying it would not be a great opportunity but I truly believe you should do things when you have the chance. If I had chosen to start school this february I would have to wait at least 3-4 more years to travel and I cannot really say where I will be in my life at that time.

I am kind of sad to prolong my wait for further education because I am really looking forward to work with design again and it being a part of my everyday. I just feel at home in what I do when I work with clothes, designing and sewing. It is difficult to find time for my designing stuff in my rare spare time with two jobs and leftovers from a social life. But when I find the time it just feels right.

The next few steps in my life is pretty much summed up by..
1. Earn mountains of money for my Asian adventure
2. Get stuff for Asian adventure and pack the bag
3. Write three design school home assignments..
4. Board the plane.

I really want to post some more. I do have an exciting (for me at least) project coming up (sneak peak below), and I have plenty ideas for posts as well.. we’ll see what happens..

Wish me good luck



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