jumpsuit1 Jumpsuit – Baum und Pferdgarten   2 Beanie – Monki   3 Boots – Miu Miu

I would guess that almost every child who grew up with snowy winters, have had a jumpsuit similar to the one above. Super practical, super warm, and super comfy. Countless times I have wished for one of these as a teenager too! I am always cold. I have told almost every friend of mine how much I need one and that I will definitely buy one if I ever see one.

Well! Some days ago I found this jumpsuit in a magazine and I was sold.. I even had to send out snaps, telling my friends that I had finally found a designer snowsuit! I have to find it in a store and see what it looks like on. I hope it looks good because I would love wearing one of these!

I would wear this jumpsuit with heeled boots and a beanie as in the picture above.. and how cute is the veiled beanie! I might have to buy one of those too!


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