The disco ball bra

Since I saw this video for the first time I’ve been in love with Gaga’s sparkling bra… it’s amazing! If you want a dicso/mirror ball bra yourself you can do several things….

You can buy it!

This is the easiest way of getting your own bra. I found these two on


Well… this is a little more complicated… and messy… But it’s worth it! You can find several toturials online, but I’ve found two for you: a written and a video

BUT… I’ve written this post because, yesterday I made a Gaga inspired bra! Here is my take on the disco ball bra…

It’s a lot different from the one in the video, and besides mirrors, this one has a chain detail. I made it out of stuff I already had, which made me think in more creative ways. Besides the chain, I’ve sewn on small mirror-like plastic squares and circles. It took a lot of time, but I really like the final result, and it’s not like all the other disco ball bras.


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