I went shopping friday after school. Now I’m broke… but a got a lot of cool stuff, though (:

I’m going to a themed school party this month. The theme is villains and superheroes. For the party I bought a black sleeveless blazer with open back, and a pair of black shorts. I’m going to wear this with my coral Bianco pumps. I just need a black top with open back to go under the blazer…  Oh! and I bought a black mask too! If you haven’t guess I’m going as villain.

I’m also going to a birthday party this month. I didn’t really buy anything speciel for this party… but I bought this gold coloured hair cone. I bought it in an H&M. Here’s a link if you’re interested… I’ll wear this with my black, open back dress by Asos and my second hand blazer.

I’ll upload pictures of the outfits sometime soon (:

I also bought a pair of sunglasses by H&M Divided. They are a kind of dark blue… and really cool!


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