DIY Necklace

As you may have read, I wanted to make and Tom Binns inspired necklace. If you haven’t, you can read the post here.

I just recieved the necklace I ordered of ebay today, and I made the necklace and earrings this evening.

I’m happy about the finished product. And I’m really looking forward to wear it! I’ve used four colours, a yellow colour by H&M called Lemon Sorbet, a white colour by H&M, a blue colour by Depend and a mint green by Rimmel.

If you wanna make a necklace yourself and you’re not completely sure of what colours to use, you can’t match up some colours and take pictures of the combinations. Afterwards you cant look through the pictures and decide which combination you like the best. It really helped me decide which combination of colours I wanted to use.

Another thing you you can do is to make small sketches or drawings of the necklace. You can then colour these in different ways. In this way you can make sure, how you are going to paint the necklace, before you begin. You really wanna be sure of where you are going to put the colours before you begin. It’s not impossible to start over, but it’s not going to be pretty the second time. Just some advice (:


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