Just an update


Macaroons (Photo credit: JennyLeeAdrian)

As I’ve written before, one of my latest projects is sewing a dress for one of my girldfriends. It turned out not to be as easy as thought…. I’ve been to several fabric stores looking for the perfect fabric… still haven’t found it… So, at the last store, I went to, I chose a coral/gold coloured fabric.. well, it’s a colour party we are going to after all….(: I’m still working on making the skirt part of the dress looking fab. I’m actually starting to feel a bit stressed out ’cause the party is Friday, and I have to work both Tuesday and Wednesday, and I have dance training on Thursdays…

Well, what I was going to tell you guys, is that I’m going to upload some pictures of what’s going on with the dress. I’ll do it when I come home from work tomorrow.


I went to my favourite second hand shop last Thurstday, and bought a cute white knit jumper. I wore it at work Sunday with a mint green top, grey jeans and grey converse. Actuallly really cute and inspired of the pastel trend this spring. If I have the time, I’ll upload a pic for you sometime this week (:


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