What I’m up to at the moment

Well, besides struggeling to get my homework done, I’m working on two design/sewing projects.

Through times I’ve collected lots of cut off denim pieces from different pants and jackets. I’ve decided to try making a backpack. I don’t know how it will turn out yet, but I hope it’ll be great… we’ll see… I’ll upload some photos, when I get a little further with the project.

My other project is making a dress for one of the girls at my school. We’re going to a party at school, and she needs a dress. We went looking for a dress today after school, but didn’t find one for her. She then decided, to wear a dress she had at home. She has already worn it to one of the partys at school, so she would rather have a new one.

While we were looking for party clothes, I found this cute top which was totally perfect on her. She didn’t buy though, cause she wanted a dress, but she said that it could have been nice if it was made as a dress insted. So…. I’ve decided to try making a dress, inspired by the top, for her… but it’s a secret, so don’t tell her ;)

Here’s the top…

Gina Tricot Vera top – 249 DKK

Seen at Ginatricot.com

Well, I think the dress will look something like this, when it’s finished….

The simple changes I’ll make indcludes, moving the zipper, making it longer and making the shoulders a bit different.


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