The look

I went down town yesterday after school. Went there with some  girls from my school.. so much fun! I bought this bag from H&M… only 50 DKK (sale)

The bag is some shiny cream-ish colour with black and gold details. It made me think of Chanel.. That’s why I decided to take this picture…

I don’t want a too girly look. That’s why I have chosen a large blazer and shorts, but it could have been a small jacket and a skirt as well. If you want the Chanel feel I would recommend you to use a lot of accessories as bows and pearls. Gold is also quite a good choice. In the picture I’m wearing two pearl necklaces, two gold hearts in gold chains and a big silver necklace. I’m wearing peal-look-a-like ear sticks from H&M.  My stilettos are from Bianco and they are decorated with bows in the front.

Try out a quite natural make-up. Use brown and skin tone colours and try to make the eye make up look very simple. 


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