Whats up?

I finished my last pair of Slytherin socks a week ago and I’m going to find something new to do.  I have to options…

Option 1 – Knit a slytherin scaf

Well, it’s getting kold in denmark so it would be nice with a long warm scaf. It would be very useful in the cold mornings on my way to school. But… it’s very expensive! And I’m running low on money… I just got payed but it turned out with a little less money than I expected (I accidentally payed taxes… ). That means, I can’t afford the yarn…

Option 2 – Draw the Julie collection

I could draw the special colletion for my dear girlfriend Julie. I’ve been talking about it like forever and maybe it time to start. And it’s free! ’cause.. you know.. I already have the paper and the pencils … 

I think I’ll choose the second option…:)

Wanna know more about the NAMELESS Julie collection ? I wrote some for the ones who do…

The colletion is  designed for her. It will be inspired by movie charaters, cartoon characters and Katy Perry-outfits. It will be very playful, creative and colourful.. just like her <3


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