VIP-event in Bianco

Yesterday I won two tickets to a VIP-event in the new Bianco in Aarhus. It was tonight, and I went with one of my favourite girlfriends, Julie. It was really glamourous, almost like being a celeb. There was a red carpet, champagne, dancers, DJ, speaches, delicious food, goodiebags and 20% off! (even on the new collection)

It was so much fun and it was just like I imaginied it would be :)

Well, when you’re invited to this kind of event, you just HAVE to buy a pair of new shoes. So I did… and so did Julie

Julie bought these amazing T-bar stillettos and I bought some black boots for autumn.

Here is a picture of my lovely boots

The first 30 who bought a pair of shoes got tickets to the cinema or a DVD. I got a DVD :P

This is a picture of my goodiebag

It’s including a leather bag, a pair of earrings, to pieces of candy, lipbalm and a catalogue :) not bad

This is a picture of it all….

Thank you for a lovely night, dear Julie :*


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