Trying out a new face cream

IMG_20150215_164709I ran out of the face cream the other day. I found an old one from last summer in my bathroom but my skin has become too sensitive and I cannot use it. I have been wanting to try something from the Dr. Andrew Weil for Origins range. I had a left over drugstore gift card from christmas so I decided to give the face cream a try. It is rather pricey but hopefully it is really good.

This cream should be really gentle and calming to the skin, it should reduce redness and defend against aging. As my skin is really sensitive at the moment, and I always suffer from redness, I thought this would be perfect for me.. if it works. I will probably write a post sometime about what I think of it.

What I really like about Origins is the fact that it’s made without all the bad stuff like parabens, phthalates, synthetic fragrance and animal ingredients. It also not tested on animals. We like that.

Wide-leg pants

Wide-leg pantsWide-leg pants are in again this spring and I am a fan! I made a pair myself last summer and I love them a lot. They are very long, since I made them for when I am wearing heels. I really want a pair that are not as long or maybe even a pair of the cropped ones. I think the cropped ones look so cute and they go well with flat shoes, which is what I wear at work.

Feeling poorly

IMG_6532 When I woke up this morning I felt very nauseous. That actually happens for me quite often in the morning but it is often gone by 11 am. I went to work, but after half an hour there I realized that I just was not getting any better. After two hours I went home and straight to the couch. I feel a bit better now but still quite weak.

I thought I would share with you, what makes me feel a bit better. Because face it, we all have days like these once in a while. I like using this bit of free time I have got now on a bit of pampering. Right now I only have one face mask. It is the Origins Clear Improvement active charcoal mask. I really like this mask and I think a cleanses my skin very well.

I try to use a body lotion or something similar once in a while, but I often forget.Glazed Apple body butter from The body Shop is one of my favourites at the moment and it really works well for days like these. What I like about this one is the scent. It smells like apple candy, and it is kind of a fresh scent as well. This was one of their christmas scents so you might have a hard time finding one like it, but honestly they have lots of different ones that are just as good. I find that the body shop body butters are not really sinking that well into the skin and I often feel kind of greasy a long time after, but for days where I am going to lie under the duvet I do not mind. Another thing about the body butters is that the scent stays with you all day. I really like that, especially with this scent because it is almost aromatherapeutic.. if that is a word..

Other than that a good cup of tea is essential, some sort of snack (I have grapes and blueberries) and of couse a good movie or tv series.

Mundane life update #1



Just wanted to let you know what I am up to at the moment..

Since the last post I got accepted by the design school I wrote about here. I was very happy they accepted me, but decided to decline. I figured that I would rather travel around Asia for a couple of months. Not saying it would not be a great opportunity but I truly believe you should do things when you have the chance. If I had chosen to start school this february I would have to wait at least 3-4 more years to travel and I cannot really say where I will be in my life at that time.

I am kind of sad to prolong my wait for further education because I am really looking forward to work with design again and it being a part of my everyday. I just feel at home in what I do when I work with clothes, designing and sewing. It is difficult to find time for my designing stuff in my rare spare time with two jobs and leftovers from a social life. But when I find the time it just feels right.

The next few steps in my life is pretty much summed up by..
1. Earn mountains of money for my Asian adventure
2. Get stuff for Asian adventure and pack the bag
3. Write three design school home assignments..
4. Board the plane.

I really want to post some more. I do have an exciting (for me at least) project coming up (sneak peak below), and I have plenty ideas for posts as well.. we’ll see what happens..

Wish me good luck


Black felt fedora


IMG_20141104_133640 (1)

This is the hat I bought. I found it in Magasin and it is by a brand called Maya Copenhagen.

I’ve been trying several hats but I couldn’t find one that fitted the shape of my head. I think this looks really nice and it’s very simple and chic.

October Crush

October Crush
Lately I’ve been crushing massively on hats. H&M always get felt floppy hats around fall and I really like them but never thought about actually buying one. Then not so long ago I decided that I definitely needed one. As a H&M employe I thought of just buying one of the H&M floppy hats. Later on I realized I might like a felt fedora better.. I was just looking around the stores the other day when I came by a beautiful felt fedora with a thin felt ribbon around it. I really liked the simplicity about it. It wasn’t too expensive so I thought “why not”.  Pictures will be on the blog soon.

DIY Inspiration

Yesterday I saw this chic sweatshirt at It was €200.. a bit overprized for a cut up sweatshirt, but it makes a fast and easy DIY project. All you need for this is an oversized sweartshirt and a pair of scissors!

This shirt reminded me of a DIY I showed you some time ago. I made a skirt of an old sweatshirt. You can read more in this blog post.


What I would like from the H&M Home collection

Well, I think the title explains it all.. H&M Home is one of my favourite brands when it comes to home stuff and decor! They have so many cute and stylish things and they are very up to date with new trends. The things are reasonably priced as well, which makes me super happy! I have already purchased some of these items.. oops! I bought the shower curtain and the bottle opener.. I also bought a candle stick in the shape of antlers but I could not find it on the website. Maybe it has sold out..

I definitely have to buy the hand mirror as well, but I just cannot afford it right now. I think it will be perfect for my future mirror wall!

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