New kicks?


1. Nike Air Huarache Run Ultra | 2. Nike Wmns Air Huarache Light Prm | 3. Adidas Originals Superstar | 4. Adidas Originals Gazelle OG | 5. Nike Air Max Thea Prm | 6. Adidas Originals Stan Smith CF

I have been running around in the same pair of Gazelles for one and a half years now, and they are pretty worn out. I get so sentimental whenever I have to say goodbye to a good pair of sneakers. This goodbye is long overdue, and I am just waiting for my next paycheck, so I can get myself some new kicks.

Herb garden


Here are three of my beauty favourites right now. I’m really into herby scents right know so i thought i would share some of the things have enjoyed a lot lately.


1 | Anti-Flake Philip B| Probably the one of the three that has changed my life the most. It’s not very charming but i suffer from a very flake scalp. I had given up all hope before my hair dresser introduced med to this shampoo. I had tried everything there was, but this changed the game. I must say that this is definatley price for a shampoo but i works for me. Besides obviesly make my scalp less flake-free it smells so incredible good of sage and other stuff i can’t quite determin.

2 | Botanic Whisper & Other Stories | I realy change out my perfume and for year a have stuck to the same but half a year ago i fell over this  eau de toilette from stories. It has this super fresh and herby scent i my god, I love this. Is has orange blossom and coriander. Now i know that people has a love-hate relationship to koriander in food but as a scent it is definatly amazing and not saop-like at all. I never would have thought that i would find one of my favourite fragrances in a shop for clothes but  other stories are definatly doing something right!

3 | Salvia/Rósmarin/Lavendel L:A BRUKET | This is an organic hand and body wash with Sage, rosmary and lavender and I finally have one of these in my bathroom. It smells to lovely and the lavender should have a calming and relaxing effect. This is one of those products that lingers on your body for a while and i definatly don’t mind that.


In need of a wardrobe update


1. & Other Stories | 2. & Other Stories | 3. Weekday | 4. Weekday | 5. Weekday | 6. Magasin

Since I started studying again my budget has become quite tight. Unfortunately that means, less shopping. I’m the kind of girl who likes change quite often. I like moving around furniture in my apartment, reorganizing my cupboards and changing out my wardrobe. The latter is obviously not an option anymore, and I’m getting so bored… but life goes on!

Anyway, I found some really comfy looking underwear and some of it is obviously inspired by the Calvin Klein sporty underwear. I will admit that the Calvin Klein underwear looks nice, but I will not have that kind of money for underwear anytime soon. I really like the & Other Stories ones and I wouldn’t mind having them in my closet.