Dress no. 1

 This dress I made for my beautiful friend! She is in a musical, so I made this dress for her to wear at the premiere party. I wanted to make her something simple and glamorous. I am satisfied with the result and I must say, that I am in love with the flow of the skirt!

Go for a run!

Go for a run!Hi you lovely people,

Here is an outfit I would love to have in my closet, if I were to go for a run!

Spring has finally come to Denmark and it is welcomed with open arms. It is still freezing cold but the sun is shining so I do not really mind.

I have considered to start running again. I ran every day while I was at boarding school and some time after that but then I gave it up. I actually really like running, when you get past that horrible stage in the beginning, where your legs are aching and you feel like you are not able to breathe.

Normally I do pilates and dance ballet a couple of times a week but when the weather is this good, you just want to be outside!

Trying out a new face cream

IMG_20150215_164709I ran out of the face cream the other day. I found an old one from last summer in my bathroom but my skin has become too sensitive and I cannot use it. I have been wanting to try something from the Dr. Andrew Weil for Origins range. I had a left over drugstore gift card from christmas so I decided to give the face cream a try. It is rather pricey but hopefully it is really good.

This cream should be really gentle and calming to the skin, it should reduce redness and defend against aging. As my skin is really sensitive at the moment, and I always suffer from redness, I thought this would be perfect for me.. if it works. I will probably write a post sometime about what I think of it.

What I really like about Origins is the fact that it’s made without all the bad stuff like parabens, phthalates, synthetic fragrance and animal ingredients. It also not tested on animals. We like that.