80′ inspired

kollektionI am in the middle of an exam project at school and that is why I made the drawings above. The assignment was to create a modern collection inspired by a an optional time period. My group chose the 80′s. It was very fun trying to incorporate 80′s trends in our designs. I personally think that the 80′s had some of the ugliest clothes ever and it was very important for me to make beautiful designs. So far, it have been fun working with the project and I really do love studying style history. I have to sew the dress on the left and I am exited to see how it will turn out!


tiger boobs

Recently I’ve been watching an awesome tv show called New Girl.. in the pilot she tries to come op with a stripper alias and one of the names she mentions is Tiger Boobs… That is pretty much what inspired me.. it’s made with stencils and textile paint on a bodystocking from H&M



I could not help it.. I noticed this Zara dress some time ago and yesterday I realized the fact that it was on sale. I had to buy it.

The shoes are gorgeous as well.. but expensive and I can not really afford buying any more shoes right now. That makes me cry inside.. just a bit.

Glitter everything is apparently a huge trend right now. I mean… it is everywhere!! Dresses, jumpsuits, pants, skirts, tops, shoes.. Some of it I like and some of it not so much, but I really think that Zara and Ganni did a good job!



I realize it has been a long time since the last post.. again..  maybe I will do better in 2014.  I hope this year will have more blogposts than the past year. I’m looking forward to outfit pictures, DIYs and a lot of fashion and style inspiration!
This year I will finish school and I have to find myself a full time job, since I want to take a break from my education. A thing I’m really looking forward to this year, is a trip to London with my favourite girl this summer! I also hope to find the time to visit my brother in Japan!



Top/Bruuns Bazaar – Skirt/Bruuns Bazaar – Boots/Monki – Beanie/Asos

I snapped these photos just before I went to school… my photos are always sooo awkward xD

I fell in love with this suit long ago.. One day it was 25% off and I just couldn’t help it.. I HAD TO BUY IT! I do not regret buying the suit even though it was very pricy.. I LOVE IT!


Front split skirt

skirt2skirt4skirt3Cami top/Topshop – Cardigan/Monki – Necklace/H&M – Platform boots/Monki – Bag/Asos

I finished this skirt tonight. The fabric is really nice and thick, perfect for autumn! AND check is an autumn trend! I am really happy with the result and it fits me perfectly! I am probably going to make another one later. I want to make one that is highwaisted and shorter.. maybe in black..

I am really sorry about the bad lighting in the pictures.. it is dark outside and my apartment has very bad lighting :)