Shoe addiction

I’ve always been in love with Christian Louboutin shoes, but yesterday I realized just how much!

I was just wacthing a couple of fashion videos on youtube, and then I saw this..

I realized how much I neeeeeeeed a Louboutin collection like her’s! But well, we can’t all be super rich and go buy loubs every other day. Of couse all the shoes in the video are adorable but I really like the studded black leather Pigalle shoes in the video. They are just so beautiful!!

Today I came across a shoe sale.. I had to take a look at it! Don’t judge.. I’m a girl.. I found these shoes in a store called Bianco. They look a bit like the Pigalles. I do think, they are  made to look like the Pigalles, they even have the colored sole… Not red though, but navy blue. I fell in love instantly and had to take them home with me. You can find the shoes on sale here.



The shoes above are REAL loubs, they are the black leather Pigalle pumps with black studs. These are not the same at the ones from Bianco, but they are in the same style, and I really like the studded Pigalle style. My new shoes will have to do for now.. until I become really rich.. but who knows when that will happen.. Anyway, I’m really happy with the shoes I bought! They are in real leather and of good quality. I really do think I will wear these A LOT in the future!

80′s inspired

kollektionI am in the middle of an exam project at school and that is why I made the drawings above. The assignment was to create a modern collection inspired by a an optional time period. My group chose the 80′s. It was very fun trying to incorporate 80′s trends in our designs. I personally think that the 80′s had some of the ugliest clothes ever and it was very important for me to make beautiful designs. So far, it have been fun working with the project and I really do love studying style history. I have to sew the dress on the left and I am exited to see how it will turn out!


tiger boobs

Recently I’ve been watching an awesome tv show called New Girl.. in the pilot she tries to come op with a stripper alias and one of the names she mentions is Tiger Boobs… That is pretty much what inspired me.. it’s made with stencils and textile paint on a bodystocking from H&M