What I would like from the H&M Home collection

Well, I think the title explains it all.. H&M Home is one of my favourite brands when it comes to home stuff and decor! They have so many cute and stylish things and they are very up to date with new trends. The things are reasonably priced as well, which makes me super happy! I have already purchased some of these items.. oops! I bought the shower curtain and the bottle opener.. I also bought a candle stick in the shape of antlers but I could not find it on the website. Maybe it has sold out..

I definitely have to buy the hand mirror as well, but I just cannot afford it right now. I think it will be perfect for my future mirror wall!

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Wide leg trousers

1562 3Trousers – My own design   Knit – H&M Trend   Pumps – Bianco   Watch – Skagen  

This pair of trouser I made for my last exam this summer. It is tradition that your family come to your last exam. They wait outside to celebrate you, when you come out from the exam. They often bring champagne and/or cake and it is there for very natural to dress fancy this day (there is also taken a lot of pictures this day which is another reason to look nice!). Back then I wore the trousers with a cropped lace top and a pair of heeled sandals.  


jumpsuit1 Jumpsuit – Baum und Pferdgarten   2 Beanie – Monki   3 Boots – Miu Miu

I would guess that almost every child who grew up with snowy winters, have had a jumpsuit similar to the one above. Super practical, super warm, and super comfy. Countless times I have wished for one of these as a teenager too! I am always cold. I have told almost every friend of mine how much I need one and that I will definitely buy one if I ever see one.

Well! Some days ago I found this jumpsuit in a magazine and I was sold.. I even had to send out snaps, telling my friends that I had finally found a designer snowsuit! I have to find it in a store and see what it looks like on. I hope it looks good because I would love wearing one of these!

I would wear this jumpsuit with heeled boots and a beanie as in the picture above.. and how cute is the veiled beanie! I might have to buy one of those too!



I have been wanting a new lipstick for a loooong time now.. or well, for the last couple of months..
I do not have a lot of lipsticks but I do have the classic red and a couple of nude/brown colours. What I really wanted this time was a statement colour. Something a bit different but still something I could use casually.. I ended up buying MAC Rebel and I am SO extremely happy with it!
It looks very dark but on the lips it is a very bright magenta like colour.. super beautiful!

Endless possibilities


Last weekend I went shopping with my friend Julie and we came across the Topshop 2 for 1 sale wall… and this happened:
Julie spotted this cute hand bag/shoulder bag/rucksack and we both fell in love..

Julie (the sweetest person in the world) decided to take advantage of the 2 for 1 offer and buy two of these gorgeous bags.. and give me one of them! Seriously, isn’t that the sweetest thing! I have already worn it every day since I got it (two days) BUT I can definitely say that this bag will be worn a lot more in the future!

I love the fact that this bag can be used in many different ways! I will probably use it as a rucksack most of the time, but the other possibilities make it even more wearable!


Mirror wall

mirrorwallAnother non fashion related post.. but I hope you will find the pictures as inspiring as I do!

In the movie The Perks of Being a Wallflower I saw a wall decorated with mirrors in different shapes and sizes. I really fell in love with the idea.

I want to make a wall like it myself. I started collecting mirrors, but it takes longer time than expected to find the right ones…

A girly weekend

20140830_132718 20140830_132724 20140830_132753

I spend the last couple of days in company with my friend Julie. We went to ARoS art museum to see the Wes Lang exhibition. It was very interesting and I really liked it. I have been wanting to go since before it opened but I have not had the chance before now. I am so glad I did not miss it!

Later we went home to sit on my sofa with lots of pillows, cake, ice cream, candy and movies. The day after we made breakfast consisting of bacon, eggs and melon. After that we went to town JUST to look.. but ended up buying a few things.. oops!

After Julie left, I wanted to finish a dress of my own design, I have been working on. I hope, I will be able to show you the finished result soon.. I really do like it myself!

This has been a wonderful weekend and I really wish it could continue a couple more days.. then I would not have to go to work tomorrow!


A uniform

A uniformI have never really worn an uniform. I did not have to wear a uniform in school and I do not have to wear a uniform in H&M. Since I finished school this summer I wanted to work some more. Therefore, I found a second job at a bowling alley. At this job I have to wear a special polo as my uniform. I am actually not obsessed with the idea of wearing a uniform four days a week.. mostly because I love to express myself through my style. I am actually a little sad, I wont be able to put together a perfect outfit every morning, like I did when I went to school.

My uniform!

Wearing a uniform make me focus more on my hair and makeup. I know it seems kind of silly thinking that much about appearance when you stand in a bowling alley.. girls..
I will probably save some money on clothes but I might have to purchase more pairs of black jeans… hope I can still make some awesome blogpost though!